40 Rules Cover FINALMy new book, 40 Rules for Internet Business Success, is now available on Amazon.com.

In my book, 40 Rules for Internet Business Success, you’ll learn the strategies I use to identify, build and launch my online businesses. You’ll learn the tactics I’ve used to get all four of my businesses to six figures in annual revenue. You’ll also learn how to systematize, delegate and automate major portions of your business so that you actually enjoy the work that you’re doing. Finally, the book is peppered with stories from my businesses so that you can grow your business faster and avoid many of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way.

Currently the paperback and Kindle versions are available. The Kindle version is available for $7.49 and Amazon has the print version of my book available for $9.49 (normally $9.99). The audiobook edition will be out sometime in the next few weeks.

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How You Can Help

Many people have asked how they can help with the book launch. The best way that you can help is to leave a review of the book on Amazon.com. By leaving a review, you’ll be providing insight to other readers that are considering the book and provide me valuable feedback for the next book that I write. To leave a review, navigate to the book’s Amazon listing and scroll down to the reviews section and click the “Write a Customer Review” link.

Here’s a list of the endorsements that 40 Rules for Internet Business Success has received:

“Matthew reminds us that whether bricks and mortar or online, building a business is a process of building relationships, creating value, acting with integrity, and using time-proven strategies for profitability.  40 Rules for Internet Business Success will walk you through that process – from idea to money in the bank.”  – Dan Miller, author New York Times bestselling 48 Days to the Work You Love (www.48Days.com)

“If you are prepared to IGNITE your Entrepreneurial journey, 40 Rules for Internet Business Success will inspire you to take massive action and provide you a proven game plan to turn your dream of building your own online business into a reality.” – John Lee Dumas, Host of Entrepreneur on Fire (www.entrepreneuronfire.com)

“Just one of Matthew Paulson’s 40 Rules for Internet Business Success will greatly shortcut your journey to your first (or greater) online income. All forty of the rules are proven wisdom from someone who has been there and done it. Read, take action and you will see results.” – Jason Van Orden, Co-Founder of Internet Business Mastery (www.internetbusinessmastery.com)

“If your business has an internet component, this book will give you bite-sized, actionable tips and advice to blow it out of the water.  Written by an author who’s actually done it, Matthew details how he grew, shifted and pivoted in building his businesses.” – Emily Chase Smith, author of The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur

“Matthew is one of the rare breed of business writers who walks the walk– he’s practicing, often in real time, what he is preaching. That’s why I’ve been following everything he puts online for years. ’40 rules’ provides a unique insight into what it takes to grow a meaningful business from your laptop, and it shows us that having big financial results doesn’t need to mean having big offices, staff, meeting schedules, and big managerial headaches.” – Dan Andrews, Founder of TropicalMBA and the Dynamite Circle (www.tropicalmba.com)

“40 Rules for Internet Business Success was written from first-hand experience in what it really takes to build a money-making online business from scratch. Matthew Paulson shows you exactly how to create a site (or several sites) that will allow you to live the life most people daydream about in their cubicle. Follow his advice, step-by-step, and you’ll put yourself in a position to finally breakthrough and earn the money you deserve, working for yourself whenever and wherever you desire.” – Tim Bourquin, Co-Founder of After Offers and The Podcast Expo (www.afteroffers.com)

“With so much noise (and misinformation) in the world of teaching Internet business, it’s refreshing to see actionable advice from an entrepreneur that has been there and done that. Matthew Paulson’s 40 Rules for Internet Business Success provides a proven blueprint that will guide anyone who’s willing to do the work and learn along the way to build their own online business.”  – Tim Conley, Host of The ConsultingFuse Podcast (www.consultingfuse.com)

“Matthew isn’t one of those guys that just writes about success on the Internet; he’s actually done it. For that reason, the advice given in his book is time tested and truly valuable. Matthew has gained important experience as he’s built several websites through the years; and these 40 Rules can help both the budding and experienced entrepreneur gain a better vision for their business.” – Spencer Haws, Founder of Niche Pursuits (www.nichepursuits.com)

“In 40 Rules for Internet Business Success, Matthew breaks down the roadmap that lead him to become a 7-figure internet business success story – from making $25/month with advertising to becoming an “internet millionaire”. Along the way, you discover that winning the internet business game isn’t complicated, especially when you know the rules of the game. If you want to build a bigger internet business that nets you more money and pays you a higher salary, read this book.” – John McIntyre, Host of the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast (www.themcmethod.com )

“The 40 Rules for Internet Business Success is not just a list of 40 items. It is a well thought through approach that, if you follow it closely, will lead you to your Internet Business success. Clearly explained points (the rules) followed by actionable steps to take to move you forward to your goals.” – Chris Smit, Co-Host of This Week in Internet Business (http://www.thisweekininternetbusiness.com)

“Matthew’s revenue numbers are more impressive than any income report you’ll see in the Internet marketing space. Even better, his business doesn’t depend on teaching others how to build an online business – so take his 40 rules to heart.” – Terry Lin, Host of the Build My Online Store Podcast (http://www.buildmyonlinestore.com)

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