Early in my business career, my Christian faith helped me realize that wealth and success stop creating fulfilment and enjoyment after one’s day-to-day needs are met for the foreseeable future. I have found true joy and fulfillment from doing good in the world and positively impacting the lives of others. My faith calls me to give back, identify creative solutions to community problems, and be the best possible steward of the resources God has entrusted to me.

As an active member of the community and business leader, I strive to work on philanthropic projects and serve on nonprofit boards for the common good. While I am unable to serve on every board or support every nonprofit opportunity that presents itself, I aim to identify opportunities that are in alignment with my beliefs and maximize the impact that I am able to provide.

In 2022, I began evolving the way I approach my personal and professional philanthropy. Embracing a holistic definition of philanthropy as “time, talent, and treasure,” I have committed to being smarter and more disciplined about my philanthropy. I am committed to more transparent communication with nonprofits so that any nonprofit that wishes to solicit me or MarketBeat for a donation knows upfront what my priorities are and how I make giving decisions.

Below you will find an overview of my philanthropic priorities and the acceptable ways to solicit a contribution from me or my company.


MarketBeat Community Impact


Levitt Sioux Falls

MarketBeat is honored to be the presenting season sponsor for Levitt at the Falls, starting with the 2024 season and continuing for the next several years. Our commitment to enhancing the Sioux Falls community through arts and culture is exemplified by our support of more than 50 free concerts annually in the heart of our city.

Startup Sioux Falls

MarketBeat donated $1 million towards the renovation of a downtown building for Startup Sioux Falls, a non-profit that empowers founders by offering resources to network, launch, and grow their ventures. Our commitment to Startup Sioux Falls also includes time from MarketBeat employees to assist in operations, event planning, and web development.

Matt Paulson with DSU and Washington Pavilion representatives at announcement of  renovation Science and Technology Floor

MarketBeat and Dakota State University partnered with Washington Pavilion’s Kirby Science Discovery Center to reimagine the space and technology floor. Our combined investment of $375,000 will fund new, modern exhibits and ongoing programming focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math).

The Paulson Cyber Incubator & Entrepreneurial Center at Dakota State University is an educational, applied learning laboratory for DSU students and Madison High School students pursuing entrepreneurship through the creation of new businesses and organizations. MarketBeat contributed $300,000 to fund the initial launch and growth of the Paulson Center.

MarketBeat donated $250,000 to build a collaboration room for The Furniture Mission and their partners in Furniture Mission’s new space at the Empower Campus. The Furniture Mission works closely with ministries and agencies to collect and distribute gently used furniture and household items to those in need in the Sioux Falls area.

The MarketBeat Holiday Plaza is a partnership with Downtown Sioux Falls that features larger-than-life Christmas decorations and interactive elements during the holiday season. Patrons of downtown businesses can take a photo in the snowman selfie spot, send a letter to Santa, and enjoy the art created on life-size statues of deer designed by local artists.

MarketBeat donated a total of $31,000 to the South Dakota-based organization Call to Freedom, a nonprofit that provides supportive services to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The donation is result of the pledge to donate $1.00 for every burger sold at all competing restaurants in 2021’s Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle.

MarketBrew, a limited-run collaboration beer by MarketBeat and Remedy Brewing Company, has resulted in a total donation of $25,000 to B-Squad Dog Rescue and Sioux Empire Pit Rescue. The hoppy wheat ale hit store shelves the first week of May 2021, and the entire batch totaling 15,597 12-ounce beers was sold to distributors by the end of the month.

Sioux Falls Fireworks is a partnership with Sunny 93.3, MarketBeat, CarSwap, and Grand Falls Casino to sponsor a free community event in Sioux Falls each Fourth of July. The event has grown from a fireworks show to a family-friendly evening filled with many festivities including an air show, inflatables, food trucks, and pyromusical fireworks.

MarketBeat is a sponsor of the Restoration Generation Men’s Summit, an annual event that encourages men to be better fathers and husbands. Approximately 2,500 people attend the Men’s Summit in Sioux Falls and at simulcast sites around the globe. Past speakers include Jon Acuff, Ted Cunningham, Sam Collier, Mike Goodwin, and Lecrae.

My Giving Priorities


  • Entrepreneurially-minded ideas that address longtime community problems in a new way.
  • Includes an element that can educate and inspire others to give.
  • Prioritizes collaboration and creatively engaging unique community partners.

Quality of Life

  • Benefits the broad community, not a specific subset of people.
  • Gives families access to quality-of-life amenities at no or low cost.
  • Opportunities that bring joy to a broad spectrum of our community.

Founded on Faith

  • Missions led by faith-filled leaders.
  • Ministries that help others grow in their faith.
  • Inspirational solutions developed from the faith community.

I prefer funding projects and organizations that will have a unique impact versus supporting endowments or an organization’s annual operating needs.

MarketBeat Employee Engagement

I aspire for MarketBeat to be the best place to work in Sioux Falls.  We celebrate a company culture that encourages each team member to invest their time, talents, and treasure toward the causes they believe in most.

Employee Led Philanthropy

  • MarketBeat encourages employees to take a hands-on approach to MarketBeat’s corporate philanthropy by helping champion MarketBeat’s philanthropic activities while maintaining alignment with MarketBeat’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Each quarter a team of MarketBeat employees review funding requests and determine which local causes MarketBeat will support annually with contributions up to $10,000.
  • Requests are for one-time gifts and can include organizations with missions beyond the scope of Matt’s priority areas.
  • Click here for the application.

Employee Matching Program

  • For every $250 a MarketBeat employee contributes to a local 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization, MarketBeat will match that contribution dollar for dollar up to $2,000 per calendar year.
  • MarketBeat will also contribute $250 to any local 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization one of MarketBeat’s employees has volunteered at least 10 hours during the calendar year.

How to Ask

How you ask me to give is just as important as what you are asking me to support. Even if you have received financial support from me in the past, all fund requests require a formal request form to be completed.

  1. Ensure Eligibility.  Applicants should be a registered 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(6). MarketBeat will NOT provide funding for political campaigns/candidates, for-profit entities, 3rd party fundraisers, or individuals/individual teams.
  2. Application Process. One application process is used for community sponsorships, charitable giving requests and Employee Led Philanthropy.
  3. Plan Ahead. Requests will be reviewed and considered quarterly. Submissions are due by the 15th of February, May, August, and November with decisions communicated by month-end. Any application that misses the deadline will be considered in the following cycle.
    • Event Sponsorship: If your application is for an event sponsorship, the event date must be at least two months from the application deadline in order to be considered. Any events that fall within the two month window immediately following the application deadline will not be considered.
  4. How to Apply. E-mail a completed application to [email protected]. You will receive a follow-up email within a week acknowledging receipt and requesting additional information or clarification if needed.
  5. Questions. If you have questions regarding the application process or desire to discuss a major gift, please reach out to my Director of Community Relations, Maureen Ohm at [email protected]. Even if we have an existing relationship, please contact Maureen. She will ensure a timely response and will make certain you have what you need to submit a complete request.
  6. Contact. Completed applications and questions may be sent to [email protected].

Additional Information

  • Please do not bypass the process outlined above by reaching out via other communication channels.
  • Please do not send me requests or updates via the United States postal service.
  • Please do not contact me asking for money if we have never met in person before.
  • Please do not walk into MarketBeat’s office requesting an audience from any team member about donating.
  • Please do not send me requests for less than $1,000.
  • Please do not send me requests for more than $25,000 unless either MarketBeat or I have made a gift to your organization in the last two years.

The Charitable Giving Application was last updated on 5/29/2024.
Please ensure you have the latest form when completing the application.

Submissions are due by the 15th of February, May, August, and November with decisions communicated by month-end.
Submissions for an event sponsorship must have an event date that is at least two months from the submission deadline.