Today, I am pleased to announce the creation of Startup Sioux Falls. Startup Sioux Falls is a digital hub that connects entrepreneurs to the startup ecosystem and startup community in the Sioux Falls metro area.

You can think of Startup Sioux Falls as one-stop shop to learn about resources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners, to find education and networking events relevant to business owners and to read the latest news about startups in Sioux Falls and the startup ecosystem in Sioux Falls.

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The initial focus of Startup Sioux Falls will be creating awareness of ecosystem resources and startup community events and creating content that educates and inspires entrepreneurs. We plan on interviewing each of the 25 non-profit organizations, state agencies and community groups that make up the startup ecosystem and highlighting the services they provide to entrepreneurs. Startup Sioux Falls will also be the new home of the Sioux Falls Startup Stories podcast, hosted by Joshua Sopko. Two eight-episode seasons of the Sioux Falls Startup Stories podcastwill be released on Startup Sioux Falls in 2019. I believe these efforts will be a strong first step in connecting and growing the startup ecosystem in Sioux Falls.

The intent of Startup Sioux Falls is not to replace or supplant any existing startup organization or event, but to support the broader startup ecosystem. Growing a startup ecosystem is a collaborative effort among many different businesses, individuals, non-profits and government agencies. While I took the lead on the creation of Startup Sioux Falls, it truly is a collaborative effort between myself, the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. These organizations will be key players in shaping the future growth of Startup Sioux Falls and the startup ecosystem as a whole.

I am also building a team to maintain Startup Sioux Falls, which currently consists of myself, Josh Sopko (podcast host) and Becky Squyer (content specialist). We are also looking to bring on one or more freelance writers to interview community members and ecosystem organizations. I want Startup Sioux Falls to be an organization that stands the test of time, and that won’t happen without a solid team in place.

Additionally, the Entrepreneurs of Sioux Falls Facebook group will adopt the name and branding of Startup Sioux Falls. The Entrepreneurs of Sioux Falls Facebook group, now the Startup Sioux Falls Facebook group, will be the online membership community of Startup Sioux Falls that participants can use the group to get feedback about business ideas, to discuss business strategy and to find employees and business partners. There are currently 5,900 entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and other community members participating in the Startup Sioux Falls Facebook group.

I am not 100% certain on the future road map of Startup Sioux Falls. For now, we will serve as a digital storefront for the startup ecosystem in Sioux Falls. If we can do that well, we will have succeeded in our cause.

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