Our new office space partially sits on an old loading dock, which includes manholes for drainage. The manhole covers that were in the space previously were cracked, beaten up and likely as old as the building itself. I asked the question, “What would it take to make some new manhole covers that have the MarketBeat logo?”

It turns out you can actually have manhole covers made in Sioux Falls. Kristi Wire came up with a design that featured our logo, our core values, and some design elements from our website. She worked with BronzeAge Art Casting to ensure the design would be functional for a manhole cover. BronzeAge Art Casting worked with a local partner to get a mold created. The actual manhole covers were created in late June when BronzeAge did an iron pour using recycled radiator pieces as the source of iron. Since this was a unique project, we decided to have the process documented. Reistroffer Design took photos and video of the process.

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Here’s the resulting forty-minute documentary.

For a shorter look at the process, here’s the nine-minute trailer version.