You are a savvy business owner. Maybe you listen to marketing podcasts and have read some popular business books. You understand that one of your business’s most valuable assets is its customer and prospect lists. You put an email sign-up form on your website to build your audience, perhaps incentivized by a discount coupon, a free online course or a free report that you write. The people visiting your website are enticed by your offer, enter their information in your opt-in form and press the submit button. But, then what?

Does your email sign-up form look like this after someone signs up?

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If the only thing your email sign-up forms accomplish is collecting someone’s email address, your business is leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. You should never simply thank your users for signing up, or worse yet, tell them that their sign-up “was sent successfully.” Instead, you should consider your email sign-up forms the first step of a sales funnel that attempts to win over your website visitors and get them to become customers.

What can you put on your “thank you” page that encourages your users to take the next step to engaging with your brand or become a customer? You could put links to your social media profiles to encourage people to follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You could send people directly to a sales page for an entry-level product. You could try to collect additional information about them so that you can market to them more effectively later. You could put an affiliate offer or an advertisement for another company’s product on you thank you page to generate some immediate revenue. The opportunities are endless.

Here are a few examples of “thank you pages” that effectively encourage users to take the next step with their businesses.

1. Laura Benson / Filly Flair –

Instead of simply saying “Thank you” for signing up for her email list. She immediately encourages people to sign-up to get SMS text messages from her business. This gives her a second marketing channel to reach her audience in addition to email.

2. Noah Kagan / –

Noah’s goal with his thank you page is simple. He is trying to build a big YouTube audience and encourages people to subscribe to his YouTube channel and opt-in to notifications. He further incentives them by telling them they could win prizes for subscribing.

3. Ryan Moran / –

Ryan has a video that encourages people to sign up for a free training that teaches people how to build physical products businesses on Amazon. This free training leads people into his $297 per month mastermind and subscription business and his business incubation program.

4. MarketBeat –

MarketBeat monetizes its thank you page with co-registration advertisements for some of its advertisers. If you check the “Yes” box on either of the free reports and press the “Submit & Continue” button, MarketBeat will make about $2.00. That might not seem like much, but it adds up when you get tens of thousands of opt-ins each month. In fact, these co-registration advertisements are directly responsible for 30% of MarketBeat’s overall revenue. Imagine


Your “thank you” page is one of the most powerful pages on your website. Users that hit your “thank you” page have just expressed interest in learning more about you or your business. They have given you their contact information and asked you to send them more information in the future. Use that opportunity to encourage them to take the next step toward becoming a customer in your business, whatever step that may be. Don’t just say “Thank you” and leave them hanging!