Two things that matter a lot to MarketBeat are giving back to the community and having fun. Sioux Falls saw these values on full display when we launched the MarketBeat Burger at Chef Lance’s on Phillips for the DTSF Burger Battle and donated more than $31,000 to Call to Freedom for their work in helping human trafficking victims in South Dakota. We want to reinvent what philanthropy means in Sioux Falls by encouraging collaboration among businesses and non-profits, creating new channels for awareness, providing both transparency and accountability, and having a lot of fun in the process.

Today, we are announcing our second community project of the year. MarketBeat and Remedy Brewing Company are teaming up to offer a limited-run craft beer called MarketBrew that will support the work of two animal rescues in Sioux Falls. MarketBrew is a hoppy wheat beer that is perfect for the Spring and Summer patio season. MarketBrew is being sold through a distributor (per state law) and will be available at JJ’s Wine and Spirits, Hyvee and several other local retailers. It will also be on tap at Remedy Brewing Company, JJ’s Wine and Spirits and a handful of other locally owned establishments.

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For every can of beer sold, MarketBeat will be donating $1.00 to animal welfare and rescue groups in Sioux Falls. Remedy Brewing selected B-Squad Dog Rescue and Sioux Empire Pit Rescue as the recipients of MarketBeat’s donations. Remedy’s staff has volunteered with both organizations, which are volunteer-driven, foster-only dog rescues in Sioux Falls. This means they operate on shoestring budgets and will be able to provide a lot of love and care for at-risk dogs in our community. We are thrilled to be able to support B-Squad and Sioux Empire Pit Rescue and shine a light on their efforts.

For this project, we are upping our promotional efforts. Over the last month, we’ve been working with Mixmaker‘s Skye Giebink to shoot a commercial which will be airing on local TV channels during the month of May. We also bought some digital billboards to promote MarketBrew. We’ll be doing all of our usual social media promotion and outreach to local media as well. We are hoping to sell as many as 20,000 cans of MarketBrew in one month, so we need everyone in Sioux Falls to know about it.

MarketBrew should be another win-win-win project. Sioux Empire Pit Rescue and B-Squad will receive a generous donation and benefit from a free awareness campaign. Remedy Brewing will hopefully have their best sales month ever in May. MarketBeat will benefit from the PR this campaign generates and have a lot of fun with it as well. Please give MarketBrew a try and please drink responsibly.