The third edition of my best-selling email marketing book, Email Marketing Demystified, is now available on Amazon. It is available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats.

The first edition of Email Marketing Demystified was published almost eight years ago. The social media landscape has shifted dramatically during that time. Some platforms like Vine and Google+ no longer exist, while new platforms like Instagram and TikTok have generated massive user bases in just a few short years. Marketers that invested in building audiences on the wrong platforms lost big and people who were early to Instagram and TikTok have benefited from these platforms’ rising popularity. 

While social media platforms have come and gone, email’s role as the most-used communications platform online remains unchallenged. The number of global email users surpassed 4 billion people in 2021. That’s nearly 4 times the number of users that the largest current social media platform, Facebook, has registered. Nearly 100,000 non-spam emails are now sent every single second. Billions of dollars worth of commerce are conducted over email every year.

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Since the second edition of this book was published in early 2019, there have been several developments that warranted writing a new edition of this book. The third edition of Email Marketing Demystified has been updated to discuss these developments in detail including new best practices, tool recommendations, and tactics to leverage in your email marketing program. When you read the third edition of Email Marketing Demystified, you can rest assured that you are learning the latest email marketing information and strategy. 

At MarketBeat, we have now sent more than 5 billion emails to our subscribers since launching our service in 2011. Our email marketing program has grown significantly since Email Marketing Demystified was first released. We have grown our email list from 250,000 subscribers to nearly 3 million subscribers over the last eight years. We attract approximately 125,000 new subscribers each month through our organic opt-in forms and paid media efforts. We now spend approximately $500,000 each month on advertising to grow our email list through co-registration advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and other paid media platforms. In 2022, we expect to send more than 3 billion permission-based emails and generate $25 million in revenue from premium newsletter subscriptions, newsletter sponsorship ads, and dedicated advertising emails to our mailing list.

Email marketing is the core of our business and I sincerely hope that you will be able to benefit from the skills, knowledge, and strategies I have picked up while building MarketBeat during the last decade. If you’d like to grab a copy of the latest edition of Email Marketing Demystified, head on over to Amazon and get your Kindle copy or order a paperback if that’s more your style.

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