I announced earlier this month that I plan on quitting my day job as of November 7th, so that I can focus on my business, my seminary degree and my newborn son, Micah. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of “What exactly do you do?” questions. This post was written to answer that question.

My company, American Consumer News, LLC, reports on investing news through a variety of platforms. The most visible platform is the Analyst Ratings Network website and its related products. Analyst Ratings Network provides comprehensive reporting of stock ratings on a daily basis, tracking more than 300 ratings from more than 250 different brokerages on a daily basis. My company has tracked 103,783 stock ratings during the last two years.

We report stock ratings through two different daily newsletters, a free newsletter called ARN Daily and a paid newsletter called ARN Daily Premium.  As of October 23rd, 2012, there are approximately 23,000 subscribers to ARN Daily and 600 subscribers to ARN Daily Premium. The premium version of the newsletter contains additional information not included in the free version, such as earnings announcements, excerpts from research notes and additional ratings.

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The other product produced by Analyst Ratings Network is a service called RatingsDB. We had received several requests from subscribers for a better way to organize and search through our ratings database. Several subscribers had produced their own ad-hoc databases with FileMaker and Access, so we built a web front-end to our massive database of ratings, which has become the product known as RatingsDB.

My company is also working on a separate brand at CorporateEarningsReport.com to report on corporate earnings announcements. There’s an associated daily email newsletter, called CER Wire, which is currently available for free. As of October 23rd, 2012, there are 511 subscribers to this newsletter. My company will likely launch a premium version of this free newsletter when there are about 5,000 subscribers.

American Consumer News, LLC also operates a financial news website, American Banking and Market News and several other smaller websites.

That’s all for now.